My Netflix Adventure: Vampire Academy

HELLO! Continuing with the story of how I wasted my life on Netflix, today we are talking about a movie that I remember being kind of excited about when it came out but I never actually got around to seeing… Vampire Academy.

As I said, the trailer for this movie actually got me pretty hyped for it, so much so, that I read the first three books (which I did enjoy but I sadly never finished the series). Once the movie was out of theaters I remember waiting for it to come on Netflix but it never did, until one glorious day!

If you can’t tell by now I really enjoyed Vampire Academy, but in a turn your brain off and laugh kind of way. It was nice seeing these characters that I used to read about even if some things were silly, most of the silliness worked. The movie clearly was not going for a completely serious tone as was made obvious by the director also being the director of Mean Girls, and Vampire Academy very much follows in that tone as a humorous high school movie. The humor was probably what I enjoyed the most about Vampire Academy, but sadly the humor kind of clashed when it attempted to switch to a more serious tone. At times the exposition scenes felt like boring exposition instead of natural dialogue, but other times the plot still felt rushed. Somehow, even with all the exposition, I think that if I hadn’t read the book I would’ve been lost in the beginning of Vampire Academy. It is just that the whole first scene is so rushed that it is hard to get a grasp on what is actually happening, but then things slow down and turn to exposition once the characters get to the school.

Other than that everything was pretty mediocre— nothing stands out about the directing, score, or acting (except I really liked Zoey Deutch’s portrayal of Rose). I want to go on about how great Dom Sherwood was as Christian since he is going to be playing Jace in the upcoming Shadowhunters TV show but I just don’t remember much about his performance. I hope he pulls out a good performance as Jace but we will see.

Overall, I did enjoy Vampire Academy despite it really being nothing special. It served as a great turn off your brain and laugh movie. It reminded me why I loved these characters and even made me want to go back and finish the book series (for about a day). The humorous tone made the movie a quick watch that I could possibly see myself rewatching, maybe if I reread Vampire Academy and want to compare the two.

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