The Martian Review

Hello my fellow readers, movie watchers, and TV addicts! So this week I had the fortunate opportunity of watching The Martian. I had been seeing posters for this movie everywhere so I was looking forward to it for a little while, so when I saw reviews coming out I rushed to go see it. And it did not disappoint.

The tone of The Martian was much different than I expected, since I was expecting a more serious tone (this could be since I did not watch any trailers but I’m glad I didn’t because it allowed me to be surprised throughout the movie). But do not get me wrong, I LOVED the funny moments and I thought Matt Damon pulled them off nicely. His character actually reminded me of if Chris Pratt’s character from Parks and Recreation got stranded on Mars (with the exception of the fact that Chris Pratt’s character would fall in a crater and die in a matter of seconds… XD).

The story was mostly strong as it was led by great characters. It was very interesting to see the switching between Damon on Mars and NASA on earth— that always made sure that something was going on and kept things interesting. It also allowed for there to be time jumps and have them not be awkward and confusing. These time jumps happened throughout the movie but had the faith in its audience that they could figure them out— it was refreshing to see that element done well.

Overall I really enjoyed The Martian, enough to definitely watch it again one day and to recommend it to everyone! It is funny, insightful, and shows a great story of survival that everyone should see!

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