The Flash Season Two Discussion (Spoilers!)

Of the eight shows I intended to watch this year, I kept up with three of them… And one of those shows was Dance Moms. I apologize, I have failed you.


I originally started watching The Flash because I was a fan of Arrow, and I wanted to understand what was happening during crossover episodes, but I quickly became a fan. Season one started as a more lighthearted show that really found its stride over the course of the episodes. Season two introduced many characters that fans of the comics will recognize and fans of the show will grow to love, and new conflicts that will keep views watching. Season two got more intense than season one, with the villain of Zoom being very intimidating but still a great character. At the beginning of the season, Zoom seemed like just another big bad. But as the season progressed, the viewer learned more about his past and his character, leading you to better understand him and his feelings.
One common issue with season one of The Flash is that there was a lot of filler, especially with the forced romance. While there is filler in this season, in twenty-two episode what do you expect, it and the romance is toned down a lot. Barry had a thing with Patty for part of the season but it was okay and didn’t feel forced. Sadly, as the season went on, I grew more agitated with Patty. It seemed that she only existed to run into danger and have the Flash save her. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when she left. I grew to like Iris a lot more this season and her and Barry actually appeared to have chemistry. She actually played a role as she interacted with the Star Labs crew a lot more and I’m excited to see where she goes next season.

I think everyone is happy that Tom Cavanagh came back as Earth Two Wells because he was great! The character of Wells is one of my favorites (and I just saw that Tom Cavanagh is confirmed for season three and I’m so happy!) I loved the tension that was brought early in the season with Earth two Wells showing up and reminding the characters of all the trouble they went through last season. Then he had the motivation of needing to save his daughter, who I actually grew to love later in the season. After Jessie and Wally got hit by the speed force I was so excited to see them as speedsters, then disappointed when they didn’t become speedsters this season. I can’t wait to see where their characters go in season three.

I loved the episodes leading up to the season two finale (I actually binged about four episodes in a day because I was a few weeks behind), but the actual finally wasn’t my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I did really enjoy it, but the buildup felt better than the actual episode. I felt that the reveal of the actual Jay was built up but it kind of fell flat in my opinion. The scene when Zoom just said that the man in the mask was the actual Jay just didn’t live up to my expectations. With that said, the scene later on where the actual Jay showed up in the suit and made the joke about the helmet, then put it on was pretty great. My other issue is with the very end of the finale. It doesn’t feel right that last season Barry knew not to save his mother, because it would change the future, but this season he goes and saves his mother. I guess you could argue that he had been through a lot this season and he wasn’t the same Barry from season one, and I agree that he wasn’t the same Barry but I just feel that he should know better than to change the past. With that said, I am excited to see how this changed things going forward. This does create interesting and different scenarios going forward for Barry to face.

Overall, this season of The Flash was an improvement on season one! This season new characters were introduced and things were revealed about old ones, all while a new and threating big bad was introduced that drove the plot along. After season two, I can’t wait to see what season three has in store!

Have you seen season two of The Flash (or did I just spoil it for you…)? What shows did you watch this fall? Did you keep up with Arrow, because I didn’t *cries*

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