My Reading Troubles

So at the moment I’m at in a bit of a reading slump…. (*cough* a lot of a reading slump). I keep starting books but I just can’t seem to stick with anything… so this post is about EVERY BOOK THAT I’VE STARTED BUT NOT FINISHED IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS!

I keep trying to read this book and it’s just not working out. Granted the same thing happened when I first tried reading The Knife of Never Letting Go (that book took me two years to actually finish), but I eventually got into it. I hope that one day I can finish The Ask and the Answer!

After finishing Cinder I immediately went to read Scarlet but then the reading slump began. I had school starting and even though I liked the book I just never had time to read. I hope to get back to it soon.

I was super excited for Patrick Ness’s new book that came out this October but as soon as I bought it I had no time to read it. I found parts of it great and parts kind of confusing, but overall I think I’ll get back to it eventually.

This is what I’m reading at the moment but I’m using the word reading loosely. I never have time and have read about two pages in a week. I really like what I have read of this book so I really want to get back to reading it!

Do you have the problem of reading slumps? How do you get over them? Or have you read any of the books mentioned above?

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