The Rose Society Review

Hello my fellow reader and welcome to… MY FIRST BOOK REVIEW IN MONTHS! *cries*

Yeah, I’m sorry that book reviews have been so severely lacking but my reading slump has been extreme and now I have finally finished a book— that book being The Rose Society by Marie Lu! The Rose Society was a book that I went into with high expectation. Even though it had been a year since I read the first one I remembered enjoying it and looked forward to enjoying the second book. Did it live up to expectations… well it was a good one-time read. *shrugs*

I have to give The Rose Society credit for actually making me interesting reading again. It basically said, ‘he remember these characters you liked from this The Young Elites? They’re in this book! Come read it.’ And I read it and enjoyed it. Characters that I had grown to love from The Young Elites were in the novel again and I enjoyed reading from their point of view again. It was also nice to read Marie Lu’s writing style again since she was the writer who truly got me into reading. She paces all of her novels brilliantly to where you never want to put the book down and (even for someone in a reading slump) The Rose Society was no different.

But sadly even Lu’s books aren’t without flaw. My biggest gripe with the book was the characters. While I find it interesting that Adelina is not the typical good guy main character, her decent into darkness and dealing with the grief after the events of The Young Elites can get kind of annoying. There are times when I wish she would just pull it together or maybe talk to her sister and they could figure things out together. And I know that’s the point of her character— she is turning evil and this power is too much but I just wish it was handled better. I appreciate Lu’s attempt at showing Adelina’s grief from her prior actions and not just forgetting about them but, once again, I feel that it could have been executed better.

Overall I enjoyed The Rose Society as I one-time read to get me out of my reading slump. I was glad to read Marie Lu’s writing again and I liked a lot of her ideas but I wish she had better execution on those ideas. In the end The Rose Society is a good book for anyone interested but it is nothing special, hopefully the sequel has the proper execution of ideas to bring this series to a close.

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