My Netflix Adventure: The Shining and Blade Runner

Hello! Come continue on My Netflix Adventure with me as we discuss two 80s movies… The Shining and Blade Runner.

I went into this movie with very different expectations than what I got. For some reason I was expecting this to be a more straight forward story of a man’s decent into madness, and while you get parts of that, you also get a completely different experience— a more confusing experience. I didn’t expect The Shining to have so many layers and be so confusing. While I still really enjoyed the movie for its atmosphere and brilliant score (it’s seriously amazing), I found plot points hard to follow. But these layers add to multiple viewings and theorizing about the movie. I will definitely be looking up more information about the details that I might’ve missed and maybe even rewatch The Shining in the future. I recommend The Shining for any horror or suspense fans or just anyone who wants a great atmospheric movie. It’s also just a great classic that more people should watch!

I had been hearing a lot about this movie from different sources on the internet, so when I saw it on Netflix, I had to check it out! Blade Runner creates a gritty, dark, and futuristic world and throws the viewer into it right away. The story told is a noir style as this blade runner is narrating throughout the story and recalling past events in his life. The sets are mostly in black in white, which can sound boring, but it adds to the noir feel of the film and, when there is color, it really pops. The climax of Blade Runner is incredible, intense, and emotional; it brings up commentary without throwing it in your face. This is another movie that I definitely see myself rewatching in the future! I recommend Blade Runner for any SCI-FI or dystopian fans. It’s a great movie for anyone who wants a noir with futuristic elements. It has a moral that is especially relevant today, and more people need to watch it!

Have you seen either of the movies mentioned above? What did you think of them?

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