Reading, College Applications, and Netflix (or lack thereof)

So, as you may have noticed, I have been absent from my social media for the past months. No, this isn’t because I have retreated to a cabin in the woods to live a life of solitude, but rather my life has been taken over by color guard, school, and college applications. I haven’t even had much time to watch Netflix which, is super depressing when considering that fact that I still haven’t seen season one of Luke Cage, season four of Arrow, season eleven of Supernatural, or season five of Once Upon a Time. I promise I am working on getting caught up with all that, starting with Supernatural, but it is taking some time.

The reading side of my life is practically none existent, at the moment. I’m supposed to be reading A Tale of Two Cities for English class, but I just have no time! I’ve also been sporadically listening to Lady Midnight on Audiobook, but I’m nowhere near done with that… sorry. But I am LOVING Mark so far and I think Julian is beginning to get some development so I’m interested. I’ll keep y’all updated as I listen to that, and there will be a review when I eventually finish it.

Now I’m pretty much done applying to colleges (FINALLY) and have been accepted to a smaller university in my state. It is where I’ll probably end up but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed about an out-of-state school. Who knows what my future holds, but we shall see! :)

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