My Netflix Adventure: The 100 Season 3

Netflix updated Season three of The 100, so you know what that means!

Many of you may not know but I’m a huge fan of The 100. Sadly, due to all the behind the scenes and fandom drama surrounding season three, I opted to wait until the season was on Netflix to watch it. Now that I’ve seen Season three, I understand some issues people have with it, but I’m glad that I waited to watch it on my own.

Season three’s plot can be split into two main sections. The first half is mostly dealing with repercussions from Mt. Weather, and disagreements among the sky people. But then Lexa dies, ALIE becomes more of a threat, and things become more about fighting ALIE, than fighting grounders. I found myself more of a fan of the first half the season rather than the second. Octavia and Lincoln have basically swapped positions in society with Octavia being the grounder and Lincoln being with sky crew. I loved the tensions this brought to their relationship as well as to Arcadia. In season three Bellamy has kind of gone back to his personality from season one. He was on the wrong side of the fight within Arcadia, and one can understand why he is bitter. He chose to pull the lever with Clarke back in Mt. Weather and she simply left him as soon as they got back to camp. Clarke, on the other hand, clearly doesn’t know how to deal with what she and Bellamy did and reacts by going full grounder. This is actually nice because it leads to some great Lexa scenes who has become one of my favorite characters. And, while I don’t ship Clexa, I can see why people do. With all of that said, there was a lot of drama and outrage surrounding Lexa’s death. I agree that the death could’ve been better handled and killing off a beloved character with a stray bullet was not the best choice. However, I do not believe there was any political statement or underlying message meant by her death, especially when one considers the fact that Clexa was cannon on the show and Bellarke is not. I am sad about Lexa’s death (I even drew a picture of her), but I don’t think there was need for as much outrage as there has been.

Sometime after Lexa dies, tensions begin to rise with ALIE. The viewer can tell that things aren’t as things seem. I never trusted ALIE or Jaha so the change in tone was not a surprise to me. Things got darker towards the end of the season, which after S2 can’t be that surprising to anyone. Lincoln’s death really was the most emotional moment for me. Seeing Octavia trying to cope with it, and ultimately failing to cope with it, was heartbreaking. When she punched Bellamy after Lincoln’s death I was so emotional because their bro/sis relationship has always been a big deal throughout the series. Octavia was the reason Bellamy came to the ground so to have them hit this rough spot was depressing.

Raven really got a chance to shine later in S3. I’m glad because she is one of my favorite characters and she has been through a lot just like the other characters. Even though it was sad, I’m glad we got to see her trying to cope with her leg injury. Raven is a very hands on person so to see her so restricted by this injury is what makes it so heartbreaking. She got a bigger role in helping to take down ALIE which is nice because she wasn’t just sidelined and even found a way to help out in the finale.

Overall, I really enjoyed Season three of The 100! I’m glad that I waited to watch it so I could avoid my opinion being tainted by the fandom. Characters changed a lot this season and I can’t wait to see where things go next season, hopefully nice things will happen… Probably not though.

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