My Netflix Adventure: Hotel Beau Séjour

I found Hotel Beau Séjour while searching for something to watch on Netflix, the premise sounded interesting so I gave it a watch!

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The plot is very straight forward— it’s a murder mystery. The main character, Kato, had died and is now a ghost trying to help solve her own murder. This is nothing revolutionary but since Kato seems like genuinely caring person, you really get invested in her story and her search for the truth. This leads to the viewer suspecting many of the seemingly random characters who can see Kato as a ghost. The mystery itself was fine, I didn’t really suspect the actual killer, but things lined up once they were revealed. One question I’m still left with is why only specific people can see Kato? Early in the series she makes the connection that they were some of the last people to see her before she died. But later she says something about them being guilty for her death. If that is the case, then what is Charlie guilty about? It’s an interesting thing to think about.

Many side character in the show were either great or total jerks. I liked Sophia and Leon but found it kind of messed up how Sophia moved on so quickly from her step sister’s death and started going out with her ex-boyfriend. We didn’t get to know Sophie too well so maybe she is actually a great character but… WOW that’s a jerk move. Charlie was one of my favorite characters. You didn’t get to know much about him except for his problematic past, but his actions in the show seemed genuine and good. One of his actions in particular frustrated me to no end, but I still loved him! And he and Kato were adorable!

Overall, I really enjoyed Hotel Beau Séjour! It wasn’t anything revolutionary, but it was a quick watch and I don’t regret spending ten hours on it. If you want something quick, check this out! You’ll get invested in the mystery and might get a little sad in the end.

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