Top 5 (not) Wednesday! 11/16

Hello and welcome to Top 5 Wednesday… Not on a Wednesday. :)
Now if you don’t know, Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme started by gingerreadslainey, you can find all the info here.

Today I will be talking about Top 5 Red Covers!

I just love how the red accents the black on this cover!
I love how the reds and the oranges mesh towards the top and bottom of the cover!
*This series also has some of my favorite covers of all time*
Again, I love how all the colors mesh in the rose and how the red pops on the white background.
My favorite thing about this cover is the art style and how different it is!
First, I love how the red meshes with the other colors in this cover. I also love the people running on the cover because I feel like that represents the book really well. The cover also has a lot of smaller details that don't show up on the computer.
What are your top 5 red covers? Comment below and we can talk!
If you wanna here me talk more about these books you can click here and go to my T5W YouTube video!

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