Day 21 Review

Hey guys! Today I’m here to talk about the second book in the 100 series by Kass Morgan, Day 21. And, unlike most of my reviews I’ll also spend a little time talking about the 100 show versus the book… What the book does better and why you should read the book even if you watch the show!

 No one has set foot on Earth in centuries -- until now.
It's been 21 days since the hundred landed on Earth. They're the only humans to set foot on the planet in centuries...or so they thought. Facing an unknown enemy, Wells attempts to keep the group together. Clarke strikes out for Mount Weather, in search of other Colonists, while Bellamy is determined to rescue his sister, no matter the cost. And back on the ship, Glass faces an unthinkable choice between the love of her life and life itself.In this pulse-pounding sequel to Kass Morgan's The 100, secrets are revealed, beliefs are challenged, and relationships are tested. And the hundred will struggle to survive the only way they can -- together. summary 

So first I’d recommend this book for anyone who finds the summary interesting. I don’t want to recommend this series just for SCI-FI fans or just for post-apocalyptic fans because I feel like it combines a lot of genres. It has the SCI-FI element on the Arc and the Post-apocalyptic elements on earth. There are even hints of dystopian elements on the arc too! Mixing all of these elements together makes a rather interesting plot with interesting characters, even if the writing isn’t the strongest. And I feel like that is the book’s main downfall— the writing isn’t always too well put together. But the author is still learning and I feel like her writing will get better in time!

Now for the main reason I wanted to do this review/ discussion… what is different from the book to the show? Well, a lot. The plot in the book and the plot in the show are complete opposite, basically all they share is character names. Each the show and the books have their ups and downs. One thing I love about the book is the way the author shows the social classes on the arc. It’s interesting to see how these different social classes interact on the Arc and even more interesting, how the kids who grew up in these classes interact once they get to earth. Oh and these social classes clashed a lot in Day 21, making every time it flashed to the Arc even more interesting.

I also think that some aspects of the characters are done better in the book, specifically their backstories and their lives before they came to the ground. I feel like the backstories are just glossed over in the show but in the book they are a lot more explained.

If you watch the show and are wondering if you should read the books, then I’d say yes. These books give fans a different view of the world and characters they love that is still technically cannon (in a way).

So what do you think about The 100 (either the book or the show)?

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