Unfinished Series

Hey guys! We all have those series where we get through one book but we can’t or put off getting through the rest of the books; it’s no fun. But that’s why I’m here today to talk about a few series that I haven’t finished!

Miss Peregrine’s is actually one of my favorite books (I even have a signed copy)! But after I read it and I went to read Hollow City, I made the mistake of buying it on my kindle. I got about halfway through before having to put it down. Now that Hollow City is out in paperback, I think I might buy it and give it another shot!
I read this book some time last year and enjoyed it. The second book has come out since then but I haven’t had time to pick it up yet. I probably will one day; it just might be a while.
I read the first three books in this series as a kind of light, quick read and I enjoyed them, but I had borrowed the third book from my friend at the end of the school year and didn’t feel like buying the forth. I can always just buy the forth on my kindle (I probably will one day) or ask my friend for it, but for now this series remains unfinished; I just don’t have enough interest to spend money on it.

What are some series that remain unfinished on your shelf? Tell me below!

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  1. I have so many unfinished series :( It's not that I mean to! Some books I like so much and want to save for later but some series I just get bored with! Some series that come to mind that I didn't finish are the Syrena Legacy Series, the Throne of Glass Series, & the Fallen Series. The first two I only have one more to read but the last one I just read one book and never had the desire to read more… haha!


    1. Yeah I get it, I haven't even read Throne of Glass or Fallen even though they've been on my to-read list for a while... oops? haha!

    2. Well I kind of hated Fallen (no offense to any Fallen fans). But Throne of Glass was great! I think you'll like it! The 3rd book is just super long and I haven't felt like reading it yet!


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