My {Angry} Thoughts on Huck Finn

Some of you might remember earlier in the week when I was reading Huck Finn for the booktube-a-thon. I might’ve mentioned that I wasn’t too fond of it, but my feelings for Huck Finn go further than that… Mister Twain, I have a bone to pick with you!

Yeah I know what you’re thinking… but you can’t dislike Huck Finn Meagan! It’s a classic! And to that I say that the only reason this book is a classic is because it was written by Mark Twain; if it was released today it would be another forgotten YA book. It is just so poorly structured; full of repetition and the ending was tied in way too pretty of a bow.

What I’m talking about structurally is that fact this book is essentially just one scene over and over again with little variation. All that happens in the book is just Huck and friends meet someone new. Then he lies to them a bit but something goes wrong to put Huck in trouble… CUE SHENANIGANS! I noticed this pattern about 50 pages in and I was worried that the whole book was going to be the same thing… and, sadly, it is!

The ending was just icing on the hate cake because it just tied everything in the nicest bow possible! So you’re telling me that it just so happens that this person that has barely been mentioned since the beginning of the book died and also wanted Tim to be free so she just so happened to put it in her will… THEN we find out, oh that dead body that Huck found earlier in the book that he barely batted an eye at, oh yeah that was his father, GUESS WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HIM ANYMORE! And Huck aint got no time to mourn his TWO new dead relatives, nah! ADVENTURE IS CALLING!

Can you tell that I have angry feelings about this book? Sorry but I had to get that out and I thought you might want to know what I thought. (And I’m actually listening to Broadway music while writing this so I’m not too angry XD) Well is there some secret meaning to Huck Finn that I missed? Did I just disgrace your favorite book? I wanna know your thoughts on Huck Finn!

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