Top 5 Wednesday... 8/12

Hey guys, welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! If you don’t know what Top 5 Wednesday is then click HERE, if not stay! This week’s topic is (ironically) top 5 required reading books!

*In no particular order…*

The Pearl
I read The Peal back in 8th grade and despite its dark ending I actually loved the novel. I was really interested with the way that my teacher explained the symbolism and overall it was just much better than I expected!

To Kill a Mockingbird
Yet another book that I read in 8th and 9th grade— I LOVE To Kill a Mockingbird! This was the book that made me realize that I enjoy coming of age novels and I’m glad I read it!

The Book Thief
I knew going into 10th grade that I was going to reread The Book Thief because it was my English teacher’s favorite book and I actually enjoyed it more the second time! I understood more and now I’m more of a fan of coming of age stories.

I Am the Messenger
Another great Markus Zuzak book— I had to read this one the summer before my 9th grade year and I really liked it! It wasn’t what I was expecting and it kept my attention with interesting characters and plot.

The Giver
Okay so who hasn’t read the Giver… I remember going into 6th grade knowing I was going to have to read the Giver and DREADING it! (Because I didn’t like the cover… XD) but when I actually read the book, I really liked it! And now I’m obsessed with dystopian novels so who would’ve known!

Are you a fan of any of the books mentioned above? Or what books have you had to read for school?

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