Les Misérables Part One Discussion

Hello my fellow readers!!! As most of you know, I recently finished part one of Les Misérables (titled Fantine) and I really enjoyed it! Of course this is only part of a story so I will be talking about it as that— a part for the story to build off of.

I was very excited to start Les Mis after having listening to the Broadway show music on repeat and seeing the movie, so I came into this with high expectations, but also knowledge that Victor Hugo does go on tangents. This was great to know since Victor Hugo does in fact like to harp on about things of little relevance to the subject— some of these tangents add to the experience… and some you can just skip.

Characters were great, as to be expected, and Victor Hugo spares no page developing them— he takes his SWEET time showing you their EVERY LITTLE inner conflict. Again, at times this is rewarding, but other times it just drags.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this first part (even the parts that dragged) and I’m excited to continue! (Although I am taking a break at the moment to read Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! Which is GREAT so far!!!)

Have you read Les Mis? What did you think of it? Did you think it dragged or did you enjoy the writing style?

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