Parks and Recreation Review

Imagine me just scrolling then Netflix, when all of the sudden I see Parks and Recreation Season Seven... WHAAATTTT!
This season came out of nowhere for me; I had no idea that they were coming out with a new season! I had actually finished season six last May and really enjoyed it. The short thirty second nature of the episodes made them quick and easy to watch, allowing me to finish all six seasons in about a two weeks. Then, during this past week, I was able to get through season seven quickly by just watching two episodes a night before I go to bed. Parks and Recreation is a great show to pick up and put back down at random times and still be able to understand what is going on— check it out if you haven’t already!

Going into season seven my greatest worry was wondering if it was going to stand up to the quality of the other seasons— mostly it does. Season seven brings in the interesting idea of having a time jump between the last episode of season six and episode one of season seven, this ends up placing the show in the year 2017 which is interesting. Characters have some unresolved issues at the beginning of season seven and we get to see these characters grow as a result of this over the course of season seven. One of the best things about this new season is closure. Season seven shows where these characters go in the future giving the viewers closure for these characters that you have spent seven seasons with!

Check out Parks and Recreation if you haven’t already (it is on Netflix), you won’t regret it! Have you seen Parks and Rec? What did you think of it?

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