Winter TV Premieres!

It’s January so you know what that means… TV SHOW PREMIERES!
Just to get it out of the way, This post will only be about shows that had a new season premiere in January— yes Flash and Arrow came back on but middle of the season episodes are going to be structured differently than a season premiere.

Let’s get this one out of the way first! I had EXTREMELY low hopes for Shadowhunters mostly because it is on ABC Family (*clears throat* Oh sorry Freeform…) and that station isn’t really known for Fantasy. I was worried about the CGI and the fact that most TV studios don’t have the budget to pull something based in fantasy like The Mortal Instruments off and not make it look cheesy. The Flash looks insanely cheesy at times but it WORKS because the show KNOWS it’s cheesy and jokes about it. The show doesn’t go for a serious tone but sadly Shadowhunters does. Even then, the CGI is not my biggest problem with Shadowhunters (I can actually look past it pretty easily since the show does use make-up quite often and I really admire that), no my problem with Shadowhunters is the acting— either no one shows ANY emotion or someone is CHEWING THE SCENERY (which is hilarious by the way) — and the sporadic editing. WOW some of the editing… they like to use a blur effect to show that Shadowhunters are moving quickly but it just looks like the editor forgot that Shadowhunters are NOT in fact Speedsters. The same effect was used at least five times throughout the second episode and it looked so bad! I will continue watching Shadowhunters because, while it is a failure, it’s a hilarious failure.

Legends of Tomorrow 
I had high hopes for Legends mostly because The CW has had such a success with all of their other DC shows and it was pretty good. The first episode was mostly just an introduction to all of the characters and it worked well for that purpose. Arthur Darvill’s character (Rip Hunter) was the only character that hadn’t previously been introduced in an episode of Flash or Arrow and he was pretty great! It’s neat seeing him play a time traveler after he played Rory on Doctor Who. Overall, parts of the episode were slower but that was only because characters had to be developed. Fans of Flash and Arrow should definitely check out Legends of Tomorrow!

The 100
This was a big premiere for me— I had been looking forward to it pretty much all year, and who can blame me with that crazy ending of season two. This is probably my favorite TV show premiere experience which sounds like a silly thing to say but the whole episode the showrunner, Jason Rothenberg, was tweeting his thoughts on certain scenes. Then, everyone in my feed started tweeting about The 100, and it made me feel like I was part of one big family since everyone was watching and talking about the same thing— it was pretty great! The actual show was also pretty great— it wasted no time jumping into the action and showing the repercussions of what happened at Mount Weather (but of course NO ONE HAS FIGURED OUT THAT THESE PEACE TREATIES DON’T LAST!) I really liked that we got to see what Jasper is going through after the death Maya since that is a thing a person wouldn’t get over in a day. It is great seeing Octavia now a fully grounder which is interesting when compared to Lincoln who came from the grounders and is now fully arker. Clark and Bellamy have both obviously changed a lot since the finale (one more than the other…) and that makes since. I’m interested to see where both characters go since Clark is clearly still haunted by what she did but does Bellamy see himself as guilty? I can’t wait to see his character develop and see how he handled what happened at Mount Weather. If you haven’t already, WATCH THE 100! Season one is kind of cheesy but season two throws that out the window and goes full SCI-FI. I can’t wait to see where this show goes!

Have you seen any of the shows mentioned above? Have you also sold your soul to The CW or do you live on another TV station?

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