My Netflix Adventure: Daredevil Season 2

The next stop on my netflix adventure brings us to the wonderful world of Hell’s Kitchen to visit characters such as Matt Murdock, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson. That’s right, it’s time to discuss season two of Daredevil!

I went into season two with pretty high expectations after I enjoyed both season one and Jessica Jones— I even rewatched season one a few weeks before season two came out, so it’s safe to say that I was excited and ready for season two, and it mostly lived up to expectation and I can definitely see myself rewatching it before next season comes out.
Season two was full of all of the great characters that you loved from last season plus great new ones. I loved the chemistry between Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), and Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson) back in season one and while the relationship between these characters this season is much darker and gloomier, they still work extremely well as a team. Other character such as The Punisher and Elektra are introduced throughout the season and they both work well with the leads. Frank (the Punisher) was one of my favorite characters this season. Since his backstory was slowly given to the audience throughout the season, episode by episode, much like with Wilson Fisk in season one, Frank becomes a realistic, sympathetic character rather than an omniscient and overpowering bad guy. This allows the audience to better understand why he is doing what he is doing and make up your own mind on whether you think he is crazy or if you think he is killing people because he believes he is actually helping things. I was not the biggest fan of Elektra until the end of the season. For the most part, I felt that she was only distracting Matt. Later in the season, Elektra’s character was developed and, as I began to more understand her character, she grew on me.

The plot of Season two mostly picks up where season one left off but it is a lot more intricate than season one’s plot. It is interesting to think, now this city has said people like Daredevil are okay— heroes even— so it seems a logical step that other people would try to imitate what he is doing. While Frank isn’t setting out to imitate Matt, it can seem that way to people in the city. But, of course, with Frank being far more deadly than Matt, the scenario leads to a confrontation between him and Matt. But that is only one layer of the plot. It turns to so much more as the season goes on and you learn so much more about these characters

Season Two brings up a lot of interesting questions about life and death and the morality of what Matt and Frank are doing. And is what Frank is doing all that different from what Matt is doing? Then, of course, Frank bring up the point that Matt is only putting criminals in jail but when the justice system is so ineffective, isn’t Frank killing criminals helping the city more? What is great about Daredevil is that it doesn’t spoon feed the audience answers to these questions, instead it gives points supporting both sides of the arguments and lets you decide. I have my opinion on all these questions but what do you believe?

The only thing I didn’t enjoy this season was Matt and Karen’s relationship. It felt as if came out of nowhere and wasn’t well developed. I’m glad that their relationship didn’t stay the whole season and didn’t bring anything else down. As previously stated, I wasn’t a big fan of Elektra for the beginning of the season but as her character motivation was explained, she grew on me.

Overall, I LOVED Daredevil season two! It had minor issues but nothing that ruined the experience. The characters were all great and fleshed out making them more realistic and interesting. Every character was flawed in their own way giving them something to strive for or to overcome this season. The plot was strong and built on last season. I recommend Daredevil Season two (or one if you haven’t seen that yet) for everyone! It is a truly great show that lots of people can enjoy, however I do warn you that season two is far more gory and violent that season one (but if you’ve seen Jessica Jones, you can handle it).

Have you seen Daredevil seasons one or two? What did you think of it? Were you a fan of Frank and Elektra?

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