Bookstagram May 2016

Hello! If you don’t use Instagram then you might not be familiar with the term bookstagram, but it is basically a community on Instagram on Instagram where people post pictures of and discuss books (much like the booktube community). This community will be the topic of a new monthly feature on here where I show off pictures from other accounts that I love, some of my favorite bookstagramers, and recent pictures from my account.

Pictures I Love

Here are a few of my favorite recent pictures from the Bookstagram community!
Accounts featured: DBookEscape BrookeBibliophile

Favorite Bookstagramers


I have known this admin for a while now and she is super nice! Not only does she post about books, she also writes them! She has a book that she has wrote and published! Jennifer’s pictures are very simple but they are all gorgeous!


I LOVE this admin’s bookshelf! It is beautiful! She has so many pictures of POP funkos and her bookshelves on Instagram and they all look great! I want some of these POP funkos and bookshelves!


This admin’s pictures are all different, yet all beautiful. There are many pictures of POP funkos as well as pictures of bookshelves, and they all look gorgeous!

I hope I opened your eyes to this fun community on Instagram, or if you already know about it, I introduced new accounts to you! Comment some of your favorite Bookstagram accounts and I’ll check them out! My Bookstagram is @The.Book.Forums, check that out if you wish!

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