Summer reading may be the bane of my existence but at least now I found an easier way to get it done.

Before now, I had never been a fan of audiobooks even though my only read experience with them was monotone textbook readings in elementary school. They always put everyone in the class to sleep and gave me the impression that all audiobooks would be like that, but I was wrong. I recently purchased my first audio book of Tess of the D'urbervilles for only $1 and found it so much better than traditionally reading the book. I was able to listen while doing other things and get a lot more done at once. In the end, I didn’t enjoy the book that much (but that’s for another post) but the audiobook format definitely made the old English easier to understand and prevented me from zoning out due to lack of understanding. I will be listening to many more audiobooks in the coming months, particularly during busy school months so I can hopefully keep reading even when school gets busy.

Are you a fan of audiobooks? Or, are audiobooks not your thing?

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