MTV Scream Season 2 Discussion (Minor Spoilers)

Season two of MTV Scream has come to a close, the Summer is ending and fall premieres will begin soon… :)

After I really enjoyed season one of MTV Scream, I went into season two expecting at least an enjoyable story. The season started strong with a focus on Audrey, which immediately made me excited because I really like her character. I love the story of exploring Audrey’s past actions and feelings surrounding season one, and using that to lead into this season. This story was a clever way to connect the two seasons without completely rehashing the plot of season one.

Season two of Scream both introduces new characters and builds on old ones. I was very excited when Sean Grandillo (Eli) was introduces since he was one of the main reasons I checked out MTV Scream. Sean’s performance as Eli did not disappoint, I really liked his character and was very excited to see where things went by the end of the season. The character of Gustavo Acosta was very interesting. In the beginning, the show tries to paint him as the villain but refutes that quickly. The character’s past and personality fascinates me. I really hope his character is further developed in season three. Older characters such as Noah and Emma also got a lot of screen time. Noah gets a love interest, who I was never too fond of, continues his podcast, and gets an emotional moment or two throughout the season. Noah actually became one of my favorite characters this season as the viewer gets to see him grow and change into a stronger character. Emma was actually my least favorite character of the series. She is just bland and forgettable (I barely even remember her name… and she is the main character). The idea of her going through these struggles and suffering through nightmares after everything that happened in season one is reasonable, but it felt poorly executed. I don’t know what it was, but every time the side plot was brought up I felt it detracted from the rest of the episode. Maybe it had to do with the acting or the cinematography… but I just didn’t enjoy it.

As season two begins to wrap up, things just kind of end… A lot of shows, I’ll know a week or two before how many episodes or left, because I care that much. But for Scream, I didn’t realize it was the finale until the day of. There simply wasn’t enough build up to the finale to make me care as much as I should have. The finale itself was fine— the lead up to the killer reveal kept me guessing, and the actual reveal was fairly clever (although I think there might be some continuity errors in how the character pulled everything off but I’m willing to overlook that).

In the end MTV Scream season two was an enjoyable watch. There were some aspects that I enjoyed more than in season one and other aspects that I enjoyed more than in season one. If Scream comes back, I will definitely watch it, although they will have to be creative with the story. The connection between seasons one and two was clever so I have faith that a story can be written, but I don’t know what it’ll be. If you are bored and need something to watch check out season one on Netflix, it is enjoyable enough and if you like that, then you’ll enjoy season two.

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