My Netflix Adventure: Stranger Things

Well I was going to be productive yesterday… but then I started watching Stranger Things and watched the entire season in a day.

I had been hearing things about Stranger Things for the past few days but I hadn’t really payed attention until yesterday when I finally just decided to check it out and I’m really glad I did! The tone and feel of Stranger Things really reminded me of the movie Super 8 (does anyone remember that movie? XD) because it has a big focus on these kids and them getting in over their head while trying to find their friend.  The focus on children gives the show a very adventurous feel and adds a more lighthearted tone to be contrasted with the suspense. Stranger Things actually has a lot of suspense but it is never too scary. I can see a lot of people enjoying the show due to its adventurous tone and ability to still get serious and suspenseful when necessary.

Many people like to say that child actors are not usually good but the child actors are great throughout the show and allow the viewer to really get invested in the children’s characters and care about what happens to them. And Winona Ryder did amazing as the mother of this child who has gone missing and now going through hell to try and find him. All of the characters in Stranger Things are amazing and very easy to get attached to. This is of course sad when bad things happen to your favorite character but it means the writers and actors did something right.

My only gripe with Stranger Things is that part of the end was kind of unexplained. They could be leaving it up for a season two but with the one month later at the end of the season, it doesn’t feel that way. I’m fine with the show not really specifically explaining how Eleven got her powers or even what the monster was but I wish we could’ve gotten a little more of an explanation for what Eleven did at the end of season.

I recommend Stranger Things for EVERYONE, go check I out! It really is worth it.

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