Blogger Interview: Julianna @ Blots of Ink and Words

HELLO! Since I am currently away for the week in California (WOOP!) I have decided to use this week to feature some smaller authors and bloggers. Today’s spotlight is featuring a blogger by the name of Julianna and blogs at Blots of Ink and Words. She is incredibly nice and fun to talk to so I encourage you to read below and I hope you enjoy!

Introduce yourself and blog in one sentence!
Sarcastic potato tries to review and discuss books.
Do you have a favorite genre to read?
Yes, young adult! Contemporary and fantasy are probably my favorites :) But I also like reading historical (young adult, usually) fiction or sometimes thriller-type, but I don’t like horror because I get scared easily even though I’m a totally tough person.
Who are some of your favorite characters and ships?
I absolutely love Whit + Olivia in How To Break A Boy. I LOVE Tyrus so much from The Diabolic, and I ship Nemesis with him SO HARD. Rhys and Feyre FTW. Peter and Lara Jean! (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) There are so many omg.
What are some characters or ships that you can’t stand?
A ship that I can’t stand is Lara Jean and John Ambrose McClaren. Like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Peter and Lara Jean FOR LIFE. As you can see, I’m very mellow and *chill* about my books.
Are there any characters that you see your own personality in?
YES. Whit from How To Break A Boy because we are both potatoes that aren’t afraid to tell others off. And also probably Nemesis because I’m vicious but also I have feelings (well... kind of?).
What made you want to start blogging?
I LOVE talking about books to others. I would constantly tell (aka RANT) my friends about books, but usually we didn’t have the same exact taste in books (or they didn’t like books altogether) and I wanted an outlet for my exploding feelings. Thus (I’m fancy now, right?) I discovered BOOK BLOGGING by stumbling across it.
Do you listen to any background noise (music, YouTube, Netflix, audiobooks) while blogging?
I actually don’t. It’s weird, I don’t listen to music a lot. Usually I just like listening to music all by itself. What’s even weirder is that I used to not ever listen to music a couple years ago. (Maybe it was because I played instruments all the time?)
What is your favorite part of blogging and being a blogger?
Connecting with people! It’s so much fun talking with others about books and totally RELATING with their comments or their posts. I also like knowing that others have enjoyed reading my posts.
Was there a specific person or event that inspired your love of reading, or did you just love it all along?
I think I loved it all along. I actually used to read nonfiction books (IKR, like what even) when I was little but now I’m read fiction books more often. I remember two big milestones in my reading: reading Dragon Rider and the Harry Potter series.
Do you have any favorite TV shows?
YES. Friends is an all time favorite- it’s SO funny and I love all the characters (even Ross). I also love watching Doctor Who but I’ve started watching it less frequently because I don’t have that much time in the day and tbh it’s too nerve racking. Another favorite is Gilmore Girls because LORELEI is so funny and I can relate too much. But I’m too scared to watch the reboot in case it ruins it! I’ve also recently started watching Gossip Girl (confession: I like gossip and that type of stuff in my books/movies).
When you aren’t reading or blogging what are you doing?
Probably procrastinating on reading/blogging. But seriously, I’m probably eating, sleeping, or surfing the web. I also like to pretend I’m productive and try to learn online as well.
Me: *learning for five minutes*
Me: Wow I’m so productive I should take a 30 minute break.
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