Book Adaptations that Deserve a Second Chance

We all have those favorite books that get turned it movies. You hear about the movie, you hold out hope that it’ll be good, but when you go see it; you are hopelessly disappointed. That has fueled my idea for a discussion today; books turned movies that deserve a second chance to be a better movie.

Percy Jackson
So I’m starting this one off with the obvious answer. These are fun adventure books with a great story and even better characters! The series also has a built-in fan base so it’s guaranteed to make money (and you know what executives what… MONEY MONEY MONEY!). Now the built-in fan base could’ve been the movie’s down fall to begin with because Hollywood thought, Hey! People already like this! They’ll see it whether it’s good or bad! We don’t have to put any effort into this! But if Hollywood put the effort into making a Percy Jackson movie, it could definitely be good!

City of Bones
My next pick should be obvious for any fans of this series. While the City of Bones adaptation was not the worst adaptation, it certainly did not do the book justice. I think if they did it again with a different cast and a better script, the movie could be so much better! *Note, I am aware that there is supposedly a City of Bones TV show in the works so… Good news for fans!*

Beautiful Creatures
This is another movie that isn’t a terrible movie; I’d even say that it’s a pretty good movie, on its own. But this movie failed miserably as an adaptation. It changed multiple things, left out characters, and ruined any chances of it having a sequel by drastically changing the ending. I would love to see the interesting world of the casters brought to the big screen in a more accurate depiction.

Now those were just three examples of movies that I wish would get redone as a better and more faithful adaptation. Comment some movies that you think should get a second chance and what you think of the ones I mentioned above.

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