City of Bones TV Show News!

Hello! So recently we finally got some City of Bones TV show news! Up until this point pretty much all we knew was that there was supposedly going to a TV and it was probably going to have a new cast; that was about it. Now we know that…

·         Yes, there will be a new cast for the TV show! I’m pretty excited, not because I hated the old cast (I actually kind of liked them) but they’ve already had their chance; it’s time to give some other people a shot in the TV show.

·         The show will air on ABC Family. This makes me kind of skeptical to be honest; it’s just that ABC Family normally does drama, not fantasy so I’m a little worried. I would’ve preferred it air on a station like The CW who have more experience with Fantasy especially after they’ve done The 100.  But with that said I am still interested to see how ABC Family does the show.

·         And one more thing that I’ve heard (but I’m not 100% sure about) is that each season will cover one book. This also means that there will be six seasons, which honestly is a pretty good amount for a TV show, so I’m okay with this idea!

So that is the news! What are your thoughts on the news? Do you like the idea of a City of Bones TV show or do you think people should stop trying to adapt it and it should stay as a book?

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