Insurgent Review

Hey guys. I just got back from seeing Insurgent so you know what that means; it’s time for a review!

This one is going to be pretty quick because I felt like this movie was pretty ehh. I might rewatch it one day but I won’t be rushing to rewatch it. The action in the movie looked a lot better than it did in the trailer, and the simulations looked neat (the terrible green screen aside), but sadly the characters were one dimensional and the secondary characters said all of two words.

As I was saying above, the action actually looked pretty good and kept me interested. Some of the scenes could’ve actually been intense, but this leads to the problem that I didn’t care about any of the characters. All the characters were just one dimensional and had no personality. I didn’t get attached to any of them so when something almost happened to a character, I couldn’t bring myself to care too much. And the secondary characters said about two lines in the whole movie! I was so excited to see Marline, Uriah, and Lynn get a character but nope! They showed up to say three words and get no character what so ever! And I don’t think they even said Marline’s name before her death scene; a scene that made me cry in the book but I sat  without caring in the movie because they didn’t develop her character AT ALL!

Overall the movie was enjoyable enough but I should also say that yes there are lots of changes from the book so if you can’t look past changes you might not enjoy it. I honestly don’t really remember much of the book so it didn’t affect me too much.

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think? Where you put off by the changes?

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