The 100 Season 2 Discussion

Hello guys so the season 2 finale of The 100 just aired so I thought I’d talk about my feelings on season 2! If you haven’t seen The 100 or aren’t caught up but want to know my thoughts on the show, click HERE to go to my Season 1 discussion (It’s spoiler free!).

So if you don’t know, I loved Season 1 and had high expectations for season 2… it well surpassed those expectations! Season 2 took the stakes and raised them through the roof while adding major character development, new characters, and some insane twist and turns along the way! If I could describe season 2 in three words they would be action, politics, and back-stabbing because that is what it is full of (which is a good thing).

Getting into specifics, all of the characters went from having a little bit of a personality to BAM a well fleshed out character. And this doesn’t mean that they always make good decisions or are always good people, these characters make some tough decisions this season that I think will really weigh on them going into season 3. One character that changed a lot was Clarke. Clarke really took charge this season. She showed her mom that she had what it takes to lead a group of people, including making tough decisions when needed. Another character that just became completely KICK-BUTT this season was Octavia! I never understood how much she changed from season one until halfway through this season. This season she is so strong and independent; it’s amazing!

Next thing, the politics!!! I remember halfway through this season when the Sky People and the Grounders were trying to make an allegiance I kept saying that it wasn’t going to work out. There is sooo much politics in this season; it’s great because politics also equals back-stabbing! While back-stabbing might not be good for the characters, it sure does make for an interesting plot!

Overall this season kept all the great elements from season 1 and got rid of the not so good elements. I loved it and can’t wait to see where the series goes with season 3!

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