I'm Back From Book Con!

Hey guys I’m back from Book Con!!!

Yes! Book Con was a fun adventure! There were sooo many people there and, wow people were lining up for signings hours before they opened! That is the reason that I didn’t actually get any books signed, I just rather go to panels than stand in lines to get my books signed. But I get to attend a lot of panels and listen to people talk which was great! Patrick Ness was hilarious and British (two things I did not know) and now I'm excited for his new book! And the guys from Cinema Sins were great and funny! I was originally planning on going to the Paper Towns panel but I didn’t realize that you had to get a bracelet for that so I went to the Cinema Sins panel instead but I ended up loving the panel! I think my favorite panel of the day was the Me and Earl and the Dying Girl panel because Jesse Andrews is just me in author form! He's quirky and funny and just great! Then I worked up the nerve to ask a question which actually sparked a short conversation between the people on the panel! It was amazing! I'm really excited for the movie! (I also got a movie poster so that’s exciting!)

Were any of you at Book Con or BEA? Do you have any cool stories from the convention?

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  1. Hey - I went to BookCon too! I met pretty great authors and got a bunch of free books! The only panel I went to was the fierce women panel with Sarah J Maas, Rae Carson, and Charlaine Harris! It was pretty great though! :)


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