My First Books

Everyone has those first books that really get them into reading! And everyone remembers the first book that they binge read. For most people I talk to, those books are Harry Potter, but not for me…

I first read the Percy Jackson series back in sixth grade (it was a really popular series in my grade at the time). I took my time with both the first and second book but I flew through the last three books! I loved them so much that immediately after I finished the series I had a huge book hangover and reread the last three books again. This got me excited to read more books.

Then in seventh grade, The Hunger Games became popular. I read those books fairly quickly. Then after I finished The Hunger Games series, I looked for similar books on Amazon and that’s how I found the Legend series! At the time only Legend had been published but I sped through that book in two days then waited not so patiently for Prodigy to come out. Binge reading Legend is what launched my love for dystopian books and YA books in general.

What book launched your love of reading? What was the first book you binge read?

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