Favorite Series Covers

Hello fellow readers! We’ve all know the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, and we all know that we break this rule. These are some of favorite series covers (the quality of the book has nothing to do with this list).

These covers go brilliantly on your shelf and the covers look beautiful together!

While I am not a fan of The Mortal Instruments covers, these are much better capturing the beauty and elegance of the era while keeping the main trio the center of the covers. I am specifically talking about the original covers but I love the new ones too.

I was actually not a fan of these covers to begin with but wow they have grown on me! All three of these covers are simple, beautiful, and elegant.

These are how you do people covers well! Each cover is a different striking color making them look great together on the shelf. I am talking about the US covers since I much prefer those to the UK covers.

All three of these covers are extremely memorable having symbolism from the series front and center as the focus of each cover. Plus the titles make a sentence so that is pretty neat to have on your shelf.

I’m kind of bending the rules here but Vicious has a planned sequel so it counts. This cover has an extremely interesting art style with its contrasting colors and wavy lines. It stands out brilliantly on your shelf!

Wow this series has beautiful covers and spines! Each spine has a different cover as its main focus allowing it to come together beautifully when placed next to each other.

Much like The Darkest Minds, these covers contain symbolism from the series on each cover. Once again, each cover has a distinct color that allows then to look unified as a series when put together but you can still tell each book from another.

While Cinder is not my favorite cover, this series really brings it with the other covers. Scarlet, Cress, and Winter are all beautiful and look even more stunning when put together on the shelf!

What are some of your favorite book coves? Did I mention any above? Do you disagree with my picks above?

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  1. You've got some beautiful choices here... I would add to the list the Fallen series by Lauren Kate.


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