February Book Haul

I was doing well about not buying any new books and focusing on the ones on my bookshelf, but then I went to the bookstore... SO HERE’S MY FEBRUARY BOOK HAUL!

After hearing nothing but amazing things about this book, I finally caved and bought it. I loved the movie so I have high expectations and think I will love it!

I was planning on putting this one off until later but a certain person’s review on Instagram just made me pick it up. Victoria Schwab is my favorite author and I have loved all of her novels so I have high expectations for A Gathering of Shadows.

Grant Goodman contacted me about reading this for a review and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity (Ninjas and Special Agents— I mean come on!). But I also feel that I don’t read many middle grade novels anymore so this will be fun to branch out of my usual genre of YA.

Have you read any of the books mentioned above? What did you think of them?

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  1. I still regret nothing I said to make you get it XD


    1. Haha I'm sure I'll love it but I will bother you with my feels when am an emotional wreck after I finish it. XD


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