Unfinished Series Part 2

Hello! A while ago I did a post about some of my unfinished series. Since I am a terrible reader and the list of unfinished series has only grown, I’ve decided to give you an update on that list!

I read Rebel Belle back when it first came out and LOVED it! It really is a quick and fun read that still has some amazing characters. Sadly I haven’t had the chance to read any of the other books in the series yet, but I really want to continue the series in April when book three comes out!

When Blue Lily Lily Blue came out and I decided to wait to pick it up. When I finally picked it up in May of last year I was already getting into a reading slump that I just recently got out of. I might wait until The Raven King comes out then binge the whole series over again in order to catch up.

I was late to the party with this series considering I didn’t start reading Cinder until last May, but I really enjoyed it! Then I moved onto Scarlet in the fall, but of course the dreaded reading slump hit and, despite me enjoying the characters and being curious where the story was going, I couldn’t force myself to keep reading. Now that I’m out of that reading slump, I hope to go back and try to continue this series!

Have you read any of the series mentioned above? Would you recommend that I continue any of these series?

*NOTE* I’m working on a new and interesting post for this Saturday! I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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