My Netflix Adventure: Once Upon A Time Season Four


This is going to be a little different of a Netflix Adventure, and let me tell you why! I started Season four of Once Upon a Time back when it was airing live and I kept up with it weekly. I thought it was okay but confusing. Then, for some unknown reason, I stopped halfway through. When it finally came on Netflix I never caught up on Season four, but had the bright idea to move onto Season five. This also ended with me stopping hallway through. Now I have FINALLY gone back and finished watching Season four, and I mostly enjoyed it.
My issue with Once Upon a Time (and this is more of a personal issue) is that you can’t multitask while watching it. I have to pay full attention to the show or else I get lost, and this is unfortunate because I usually do homework while watching TV. This is why I tend to not keep up with the show on a weekly basis— it becomes a chore. Once Upon A Time is more of a Netflix show for me, when I can watch it on my computer with it right in front of my face, while I’m doing other things. I realize this is a personal complaint (I have many friends who have no trouble keeping up with the show) but this is how I feel.

Obviously, it is kind of hard to review a show when you watched the first half of it a year ago, but I do have one thing to say. There are lots of jokes about everyone in Once Upon a Time being related and it is so true. What I just thought about is— how convoluted is the back story of these characters at this point? The show does all of this jumping around in time and showing backstories, how much of this actually lines up? Has anyone checked this? Do they have a giant timeline at ABC of everything that has happened before Storybrooke?  Has anyone else made a giant timeline to see how all of these events line up? I really want someone to do that. I don’t know I’m just curious as to if all of these flash back events actually fit together in a coherent way.

Overall, Season four was an interesting experience for me, but after coming back to the show, it was nice to see my favorite characters again, and the incorporation of new characters! The ending was pretty intense and this is coming from someone who knew what was going to happen. I recommend Once Upon a Time for fans of faerie tales and Disney fans. It is a fun light hearted show that can still get dark and intense when needed.

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