My Netflix Adventure: Scream Season 1

This show was surprisingly enjoyable and addictive.


I gave MTV’s Scream a shot for two reasons— I needed something to watch, and Sean Grandillo is on it. You may not know but I am a HUGE fan of Deaf West Spring Awakening so when I found out Grandillo was in Scream, I had to give it a shot (sadly he doesn’t come in until season two). I went into the show not expecting much but I actually found the show very entertaining and addicting. The good thing about doing a slasher in a TV format is that the writers are able to give more depth to the characters and allow the audience to feel for them before they start dying. I did start to get attached to some of these characters as the season progressed, but not to the point of crying if anything happened to them… I’d only be mildly upset. I also didn’t care much throughout the season about who the killer was. I got the feeling that I was supposed to be trying to figure it out myself, but I simply didn’t care that much. With that said, when the killer was revealed, it was a pretty great reveal. It was no one that ever would’ve crossed my mind but somehow still made sense. I also love what the end of the season finale set up for season two and so far I love what season two is doing with Audrey’s character.

Scream has a few Meta moments with Noah’s character who acts as a sort of narrator for some episodes. If you’ve seen the show you might know what I mean, but he goes into speeches about horror movies and clichés while those plot points are happening in the show. Often his speech is played over a character getting killed or other plot points. This is a clever way of saying that the show knows these plot points have been done, but they don’t care. It might not work for everyone, but I really like it.

Overall, MTV’s Scream is actually very enjoyable. No, it’s not perfect and no, you probably won’t lean anything from it, but it’s a fun way to spend a few hours. You can actually start caring about the character giving you some investment in the story. Season two seems like it is taking a different and interesting tone and I can’t wait to see where this show goes next!

Have you seen MTV’s Scream? What have you been watching?

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