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After hearing in summer of last year, that season four of Orphan Black had a focus on the past and learning things about Beth, I couldn’t wait to watch it! Of course, being me, I waited until January to finally sit down and watch the season, but now I think this is my favorite season yet!

My favorite element of season four, is the cyclical nature of the plot. Many events are paralleling the events of the first season. This gave the writers to go back and explore more about Beth and introduce characters such as Mika. I loved both of these clones for similar reasons. They were both loners, who kept things to themselves, which sadly ultimately led to Beth’s downfall. They also had a combined brain power to discover things that it took clone club FOUR SEASONS to discover. Throughout Season four Sarah ends up in a similar mindset that Beth was when we first saw her in the first moments of season one. It’s tragic seeing Sarah, such a passionate character, hitting dead ends and not knowing where to turn.

With that said, there were many uplifting and happy moments throughout the season. Especially at the end with Cosima. I’m not usually a fan of bringing back ‘dead’ characters, but Cosima needs some joy in her life. Lots of laughs were brought to the season through Krystal and her complete obliviousness. I applaud the choice to keep Krystal in the dark when it comes to clone club, because it gives a different perspective for the life of a clone. I love her confidence in thinking she knows what is happening, but being completely wrong. I’m excited to see more of her in the final season.

Speaking of the final season… I can’t wait to see how things wrap up. I’m very cautiously optimist, hoping that things wrap up well, but don’t feel rushed. There is still so much I’d like to learn about some of these characters and their lives that I hope get explored throughout season five.

Overall, I enjoyed all of season four. The chance for the writers to go back and explore the life of Beth was genius because it expanded what we knew about the clones and gave Tatiana a chance to play an even wider range of characters. The season had a good mix of lows and highs for the character, without any emotion feeling fake. I am so sad that season five will be the last season, but better to end on a high than run a series into the ground. I highly recommend Orphan Black to everyone but especially fans of SCIFI.

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