Top 5 Wednesday... 3/8

Hey fellow readers, welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! If you don’t know what Top 5 Wednesday is then click HERE, if not, stay! This week’s topic is top 5 SCIFI/ fantasy books.

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By now it is safe to say, Victoria Schwab is my favorite author. A Darker Shade of Magic is the fourth series I’ve read by her and it has never disappointed. I’m in the middle of the third book right now and LOVING it.

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Oh look, my other favorite author. The Unwind series has brought me so many emotions. I’ve laughed, cried, and cheered these characters on since I was in 8th grade; it just feels so real.

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These are technically Urban Fantasy, but that is a subgenre of fantasy sooo :) This is another series where everyone feels so real! After the end of each series, I never want to let these characters go. I sobbed at the end of both Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire. Check these books out (and PS, I recommend reading in publication order for any Cassandra Clare novices).

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How could I not put this on here? It is only the epitome of children’s fantasy! Everyone remembers the first time they read Harry Potter or saw the movies. So many people around the world have connected with these characters and felt the same roller coaster emotions I have while reading it! I also sobbed at the end of this series and it will always have a special place in my heart.

I’m throwing a dystopian novel in this list because it has strong SCIFI elements and it is just really good! The series is full of ups and downs, laughter and tears, and some heartbreaking novellas (seriously though, I cried reading all three novellas). Alexandra Bracken fleshes out all of her characters then crushes your heart when nice things refuse to happen.

Have you read any of the books mentioned above? If not, what are your favorite SCIFI/ fantasy books?

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