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Okay so before I get into talking about the trailer I thought I’d share a little background. I didn’t love the Divergent movie, but I definitely didn’t not like it! I thought the director and actors did a good job and it was a solid movie. I even had some hope for Insurgent! Then the teaser trailer came out and I was like ‘Okay, they’re doing something different. That’s cool!’ But the more clips were released, the more I noticed small things (that I will get into later), but more importantly I noticed that the style felt completely different from Divergent; there was no way this was the same guy who directed Divergent. So I looked it up on IMDB and, what do you know! It’s a new director! I looked at his filmography and it looked like a lot of mediocre and some bad. There go a lot of my hopes for this movie! But when I got home from school today, I still took out my phone and watched the trailer. Below are my thoughts.

So this is gonna be a scene by scene, my thoughts on the trailer, sorta thing.

So the trailer opens with Jeanine talking about some cube thing. Studio executives let me tell you a secret, when you add something to a movie that wasn’t in the book, and then make it central to the plot; fans aren’t going to be happy. Then we get a shot of Tris with a gun… Umm excuse me… NOOOO! I hated the part of her character that wouldn’t pick up a gun, but it’s exactly that; part of her character. Oh and I small thing I must address (that might be answered in the movie) but when Four jumps in front of the train, why not just wait for the train to pass? But, yes, I realize they might be being chased or something. Then there is another scene with Tris holding a gun… Oh and that flying burning building thing again. I thought it was kinda cool the first time I saw it, now I’m just thinking ‘Why?’ And what are those wire things that come out and attach to her back? Then there is a montage of random things flying everywhere in *GENERIC ACTION SCENE NUMBER 37* but I’ll get to that later. Then some glass shards form the logo and… BAM Insurgent!

So there’s one main thing that I want to address with all of this and it’s not that they’re changing things or adding things. While deviating from the source material makes readers angry, this trailer did something to make me extra angry. And that is, turn a pretty good series that has characters that actually have substance and character traits into what looks like a generic action movie. Seriously, they are stripping away all of Tris’s character traits (starting with having her use a gun) and turning her into generic action star number 45. The trailer is even cut like a generic action movie in that there is a montage of a bunch of random action scenes cut together really choppily towards the end to make it look exciting. They are taking everything that makes the book different and everything that makes this series stand out and replacing it with the most generic things possible to make the movie more exciting. Example…

Executive 1- Should we actually stick to the book and make Tris have some sort of character?
Executive 2- Nah! Just give her a gun! It will look cool and actiony! Kids love action!

Let’s just face the sad facts that they are turning this series into generic action series number 789.

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