Unread Books!

Hey guys it’s Meagan and today I’m here with a post about unread books!

So we all have unread books on our shelf just staring us in the eye but, for some reason, we continue to buy new books and ignore the unread ones. Today I thought I’d share some of my unread books with y’all!
This one has been recommended to me by internet friends for a while now and I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I really want to though!
This hasn’t been on my shelf very long, but I really wanna get to it soon! (Maybe over Christmas break!)

Yes, I know, I haven’t read Delirium yet, but sorry I started it over the summer but I had to put it down for something else. I want to finish it some time!

This has been on my shelf for almost a year now and that is too long! I’ve tried to read it a few times but I always get caught up in other things. I will finish it soon!

I like Ender’s Game, so another book by that author sounds like a good idea; I just haven’t gotten to start it yet.

I really wanna read this! I hate it when books that I really wanna read get pushed to the side for other things. I really wanna read this soon!
So that’s some of my unread books! Comment and tell me some of yours! Or tell me what you thought of any of the books mentioned above.
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