The 100 TV Discussion

Hey guys it’s Meagan and today I’m here to talk about The 100 (the TV show!)

So, for anyone who doesn’t know, The 100 is a book by Kass Morgan that was made into a TV show by The CW. If you would like to know about the book and my thoughts, you can click HERE and go to my review. But on this post I will be talking about the show and there will be minor spoilers. Also, if you are wondering if you should read the book or watch the show first, I’d say to read the book and then watch the show, because the show covers the first book in one episode before doing its own thing.

First I wanna say that I love the TV show! I love that The CW took a good concept and just ran with it. Sadly this means that they also changed and added characters (the best example of this being Bellamy and Finn) but I’m okay with this too. I just have to look at the show as a different thing from the book.

Now back to the example of Bellamy and Finn, Bellamy was probably my favorite character in the book (aside from Clarke) but they split his personality for the show, leaving Bellamy with his not as good qualities and giving his good qualities to Finn. This lead me to not like Bellamy for the majority of the show (but now I’m cool with him). Octavia is another character that I didn’t think I’d like at first, but she has really grown on me as the series as gone on and her character has changed. The show has also added a lot of romance, since they added the characters of Finn, Raven, and Lincoln. I don’t mind the romance too much; I actually ship some of the characters so that’s that!

I think one of the biggest changes the show made was the decision to keep Clarke’s mom alive and change her backstory a little. This is a change that I don’t mind too much and, honestly, it created tension with Clarke’s mom for all of one episode before things went back to normal. But now Clarke’s mom can be alive for Season 2 and it gave us a character to follow on the arc so we could still know what was happening in space in Season 1.

Now that I’ve explained my thoughts on the changes in the characters, there’s one more character related thing I want to talk about. The show does a good job of character development, but I wish the show would go into more detail on characters’ backstories. They just don’t talk much about before the one hundred were sent to Earth and that’s something I’d like to know. There are some characters that I wanna know why they were arrested because the show still hasn’t said it.

One thing that I feel the show does better than the book, is showing the clashing of personalities and people that would happen in a situation like this. Things get intense. I think the best scene that shows this intensity is the scene in Season 1 where everyone was trying to hang Murphy. That scene showed how the one hundred would do whatever it took to get what they wanted (in this case, revenge). I think that the show is a more realistic representation of what would happen in a situation like this; it wouldn’t be all happy.

I really like how The CW took the concept of other people still being on Earth, something that the book left wide open, and made the grounders. Then they took the grounders and made a whole plot around them. I just want to know more about their backstories, but the show is only on its second season and I have faith that it’ll go more into depth about them eventually.


Okay! That’s it for this discussion about The 100 TV show, if you have anything to say about all my rambling above, feel free to comment it down below and I’ll get back it you!

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