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Hello guys it’s Meagan and today I’m here to talk about something that is actually not book related… TV shows!

Today I wanted to talk about TV shows and how I always tend to watch the popular TV shows years after they are at their peak. I realized this recently when I was looking at the date that Lost originally aired and realized that it was ten years ago. I am just now getting around to watching Lost on Netflix. Another show I watched way after it aired was Firefly. This is a HUGE cult classic show so I had to watch it and I just never got around to it until recently, twelve years after it aired. A show that is still, kind of in its peak that I recently got around to watching was Supernatural, and while this show is still producing episodes, I feel like its peak was around seasons four and five. A really recent show that caught on that I never thought would catch on was Once Upon A Time. I stayed away from this one for a while because I figured it wouldn’t catch on, but what do you know, years later, it’s still around and guess who hasn’t watched it! So I binge watched all three seasons of that this summer! And finally, I think the biggest show that I’ve jumped on the band wagon kinda late for is Doctor Who. Now I love Doctor Who but I did show up to the party really late.

I guess the point I’m trying to get to is that I start watching a lot of shows late. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just awkward when everyone is talking about it and you haven’t seen it yet. I feel like the reason I missed most of the shows listed above is because I was young when they came out. For instance, I have memories of watching Lost with my dad when it originally aired. Did I watch it consistently? No because I was young and wasn’t worried about what was gonna happen to Jack and Locke, heck I barely even understood what was going on! But that’s why I’m watching it again now and really paying attention this time! Same for some other shows like Firefly, I was really young when that aired so there was no way I could have watched that when it aired. So I guess my question for y’all is, do you watch shows as they air or three years later when they’re on Netflix? Comment and let me know!

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