2015 Goals

Hello guys and OH MY GOSH IT’S 2015! YAY! So now since it’s 2015 I thought I’d do a post about my goals for this year!

·         Read 45 books or more. In 2014 I read 39 books and I’d like to top that
·         Start reading comic books. I’ve been wanting to get into comic books for I while now and I feel that 2015 is as good of time as ever to finally venture into the comic book section of Barns and Noble!
·         Make and use a TBR jar. I always see people using TBR jars and they look really helpful! I plan on making one and using it when deciding what books to read.

·         Review every (or most) books that I read. Around October I kinda slacked off with reviews and I’d like to not do that in 2015.
·         Post at least 5 times a week. I’d like to do a better job with keeping up with the blog.
·         Make blogging friends! This year I’ve kind of kept to myself with the blog so in 2015 I’d like to branch out a little and make some friends!

Movies and TV!
·         Watch more movies! This is vague but I’d just like to branch out more with movies and watch more movies!
·         Review most of the movies I watch. I’d like to review more movies on the blog and post more movie discussions.
·         Watch more shows and post more discussions. I wanna watch more shows like Arrow, Agents of Shield and more and I’d like to talk about them with y’all in posts.

·         Finish the first draft of Elementa before the end of January.
·         Have people look at Elementa for peer edits.

Do you have any goals in common with me? Comment and tell me!

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