Music and Reading

Music; some can’t read with it, some can’t read without it. I happen to fall in the latter category. You will never catch me without ear buds in my ear, even while I’m reading or writing (as I’m writing this I’m having myself a little Fall out Boy marathon :) I remember one day last year some kid in my science class came up to my while I was reading and listening to Pandora and asked what I was doing. I told him I was listening to music and he just stared at me and said, “AND READING? How do you do that at the same time???” I just told him that it wasn’t that hard for me and then went back to reading.

Now I’m curious, can you listen to music while reading? And if you can, does it have to be a specific genre? I don’t have a genre preference but I know some people can only listen to instrumental when doing things. Comment and tell me!

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