Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Movie Review

So yesterday I finally got the chance to see Me and Earl and the Dying Girl! I’ve been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw the trailer. After the trailer got me interested I read the book which was great and I’m glad I read it! (You can find that review HERE). Then the author (Jesse Andrews), the director (Alfonso Gomez-Rejon), and the two lead actors (Thomas Mann and Olivia Cooke) were at BookCon! I went to that panel and it was GREAT! Making me even more excited to see the movie!

So now I’ve finally seen Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and… it was AMAZING! It captures the spirit of the book in the characters and taking the best parts of the books and leaving out what didn’t work as well. The movie stays faithful to the book in the spirit of the character and how they talk and act. It changes some things towards the end but I think that was for the better! The changes flowed well in the story making me more of a fan of the ending.
The acting and the directing was also great! The chemistry between all of the actor was really good and added to the emotional scenes. There’s one scene in particular where Thomas Mann (Greg) and Olivia Cooke (Rachel) were just sitting and talking about a very emotional thing and the scene was filmed in one take. About halfway through watching the scene and I noticed that there was no music in the background— they were just letting the scene play out and having the acting bring the emotion instead of some instrumental music! And it’s amazing and emotional and let’s just say I cried… All of the other actors were great (Nick Offerman was so good as Greg’s dad) and it just helps you to get invested in all of the characters and the story.

Overall, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was everything that I expected and more! I recommend it for everyone— fans of the book will find the spirit of the book in the movie and movie goers will find a different, funny, and emotional movie! Definitely check this one out!

Have you seen Me and Earl and the Dying Girl? What did you think of it? Have you read the Me and the Earl and the Dying Girl book?

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