Top 5 Wednesday... 7/22

Hey guys, welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! If you don’t know what Top 5 Wednesday is then click HERE, if not stay! This week’s topic is top 5 side characters that deserve their own series!

Jamie or Stella (Mara Dyer Trilogy)
Jamie was easily my favorite non-main character from the Mara Dyer Trilogy. He has a way lighting up the darker scenes with his great sense of humor! I would love to read from Jamie’s POV and see how he sees the world and this could be a way to learn more about his character!
As for Stella she was just a character that I fell didn’t get used to her full potential I fell there is still SO MUCH that I could learn about her! And I want to know where she went and what she’s doing after the Retribution.

Kenji (Shatter Me Trilogy)
Kenji was one of the tolerable characters in the Shatter Me Trilogy, he’s a fun-loving character with a great sense of humor. I would LOVE to see what he does when he’s not with Juliette and maybe we could learn more about his character through the story! II just feel that Kenji was not used to his full potential in the Shatter Me series.

Uriah, Lynn and Marlene (Divergent Trilogy)
I’m going to cheat for this one and kind of rewrite events of the second and third books for this idea but the movies did it too, so it’s cool! (<Note: sarcasm) Once again these are three great characters that were either underutilized or (in Marlene’s case) just used to move the plot along. BUT I’M HERE TO CHANGE THAT! I propose a series just about these three where they ditch Dauntless and escape beyond the fence. What’s beyond the fence you ask…? People? Scientists? NO that’s lame. Now there are MONSTERS beyond this fence. I don’t have the specifics yet but now the trio has to survive and such; it’s full of fast-paced action. I bet you wish this series existed now don’t you? ;)

Any side character from The Darkest Minds Trilogy!
I tried to just pick one character but I can’t so this will serve as my number four and five picks! All of these characters just have their own personality and it makes them feel so real; I would love to explore more of some of these characters’ backstories and see them through said character’s eyes. We could see Zu or Liam’s backstory in Zu or Liam’s POV or even Cole’s POV! Or you could look at what happens to these characters after the events of In the Afterlight and how are they fixing this society (because I’m sure that’s not going to be as easy as it would seem). And finally the idea that I would like to see the most WHAT HAPPENS TO SAM AND LUCAS AFTER SPARKS RISE?! There are so many options for stories about these characters and I’d read any of them!

Do you agree with any of the side character lead stories pitched above? What side characters do you think should get their own series? (I’m sorry I cheated the Divergent one, I just had too… XD)

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