Rereading Books!

Some people see rereading books as a way to revisit their favorite characters and moments from a book, but not me. I’ve always had trouble getting into rereads, even of my favorite books. I can count on one hand the number of books that I’ve actually reread all the way through. I have no problem rereading my favorite parts of books, just not the whole thing. I think that’s just because I have this mind set of ‘Why read it again— I already know what’s going to happen.’

But then there are those books that lend themselves to rereads— mystery books like We Were Liars and the Mara Dyer series. I have read the first two Mara Dyer books twice and I would like to reread the whole series one more time, because each time I read it I find out something new about the characters! We Were Liars is a great reread since you can go back and look for small details and foreshadowing that wouldn’t have meant anything the first read around.'

So are you like me and find it hard to reread books or do you enjoy revisiting your favorite books and characters?

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