Arrow Season 3 Discussion

So the season finale of Arrow aired last week (yeah sorry I’m late) but now it’s time for a Season Three review of Batman *cough cough* I’m sorry I mean Arrow!
This is was the first season that I watched as it aired and man it was an interesting season to watch as it aired because this season really split fans. It took a much different path than season two, so different that some might not even call it Arrow anymore (hence the previous joke). Now I completely understand how this can get longtime fans up in arms but, you see, I’m new to this show and this character so this season “not being Arrow” didn’t bother me too much. One common complaint among fans was that Olicity was taking over too much of the show. I honestly didn’t mind the Olicity moments. People often say that Felicity is weak but I feel that it’s the opposite, she holds her own in the season, especially in times when Oliver is away. 
Another character that I absolutely LOVED is Roy! This puppy dog eyed vigilante is my baby and I couldn’t imagine Arrow without him! His relationship with Thea is the most adorable thing ever! I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t ship them! This leads me to talk about Thea! Oooo I loved seeing Thea kick butt this season! I think I squealed when she finally showed up in the Arsenal getup because I was so excited! And that episode when she beat up Slade… YESSSS! And now probably my favorite character of the season (or the most interesting character) (and no it’s not Oliver Queen…) Malcolm Merlyn! Malcolm was an interesting character because as soon as you thought you had him figured out, you didn’t! He always had tricks up his sleeves. Part of me thinks that he actually loved Thea, but was that all just an act… I DON’T KNOW! GOSH BARROWMAN! But I really did enjoy trying to figure out Merlyn’s character. 
And the last thing I’m going to talk about (I promise!) is Laurel’s character. I was so upset when I heard that Laurel was going to be Black Canary because I am not a fan of Laurel but as I watched her character progress throughout the season I really grew to love her. It was interesting seeing her struggle to gain her footing as the Black Canary and kind of as a part of Team Arrow, but then she was trained and got the Canary Cry and she started kicking butt!

Overall, I enjoyed this season despite Oliver Queen not really acting like Oliver Queen. I loved seeing the characters develop and interact and I can’t wait to see where the characters go next season (especially Speedy!)

Do you watch Arrow? Are you caught up on season 3? What where your thoughts on season 3?

Keep watching…


PS. Look forward to a series of TV discussions for the next few days (including The Flash, Agents of Shield, and maybe Daredevil... :)



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