Why Go to Book Conventions

Hey guys! So RT Booklovers Convention recently happened in Dallas and Book Con is coming up in New York ; this got me thinking, why do people love book conventions? It’s different reasons for everyone— seeing other readers, meeting authors, talking to authors and other bookworms; when I was thinking I realized that for me it’s because I love meeting authors and fellow bookworms.

I love being able to talk to authors because they have actually written a book, something that I dream of doing. It gives me hope that maybe I can write a book! Maybe one day I’ll be like those authors and be signing my own book at a convention.

Then I love talking to fellow bookworms because these are people that love the same things as me. I don’t have many IRL friends that are readers so it’s fun when I find friends and people that I can talk to about books to and nerd out about random stuff.

Have you ever been to a convention? What was your experience like? Why did you go?

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PS. Just a reminder that next week I will be attending Book Con on Saturday so if anyone is going to that and would like to meet up comment!



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