My Bookshelves!

So bookshelves… they’re an important part to storing all those books that readers buy! Everyone has different ways of organizing their bookshelves, some by color, and some alphabetically, and others by height. I, personally organize mine by height— I can’t stand looking at my books when they aren’t lined up by height.

I own two bookshelves that I use; the first is actually just the top of my desk and I call it my ‘favorites shelf’. I put all of my favorite books on this shelf and this is also the shelf that you see in my header! Other than height I put all of one author’s books together but that is about all the organizing I do on this shelf!

My other shelf is organized by my TBR books on the top shelf (yeah there’s a lot), then my signed books and any hardbacks that won’t fit other places on the middle shelf, and last my paperbacks on the bottom shelf (with the few comics that I own). It might be hard to see but I also have some of my favorite song lyrics written all over this shelf. I just use that as inspiration and it looks creative so I like it!

How do you organize your shelves? Did you see any books that you recognize on my shelves?

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