The Flash Season One Discussion

This past Tuesday The Flash season one finale aired on The CW and OH MY GOSH I think this was my favorite episode of the season, I could go on just about that episode but that’s not why I’m here! I’m here to review all of season one!

So when I first heard about The Flash TV show I was thinking eh— I just didn’t think anything of it, but when I started watching Arrow and Barry showed up I figured it would be a good idea to watch The Flash. I went into The Flash thinking that it would be kind of fun but nothing too serious… boy was I wrong! This show sucked me into this amazing would of meta-humans and speedsters and I don’t wanna go back! The best thing about The Flash was that it knew that it was a weird random show and it played with that turning it into this weird little fun show that I always looked forward to watching every Tuesday! I got so invested in these characters that after every episode when a new character was introduced I would immediately go look them up online and read all about that character in the comics! But enough about me let’s talk about the show!

Probably the most shocking character on the show was Eddie. Eddie snuck up on me and became a character that I really cared about. I thought I had his character figured out and I was so confident about what he was going to do… boy was I wrong! Eddie constantly shocked me in the last few episodes of the season to where when I thought I had him figured out, I was wrong.

Next shocking thing is how interesting the plot actually was. I was never expecting to get invested in the plot of The Flash— I was expecting it to be more of a turn on and turn off show and not think about it past the episode finishing, but I got so much more. I got a show full of character that I cared about and a plot that I always tried to predict and do my best to stay one step ahead (even if I failed xD)

Overall I am glad that started watching The Flash! I loved the characters, the plot, and the randomness of it! I would definitely recommend The Flash for anyone who thinks it might be interesting (but be warned that does embrace its fun insane routs, but that’s a plus not a negative :)

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  1. The Flash is amazing!!! Definitely my favorite comic book character and the show definitely did him justice. In my opinion, The Flash was a lot better than arrow this season. The first 2 seasons of Arrow were fantastic now this one kind of disappointed me.

    1. Yeah I agree that The Flash was better this season. I feel like this season Arrow was trying to be something it's not and the season finale didn't live up to the showdown with Slade at the end of season 2... I still love both of them but I can see where people are coming from that really didn't like this season of Arrow


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