Scorch Trials Trailer Reaction

Hey guys! So today the Scorch Trials trailer dropped... and it's BEAUTIFUL! Now I'm going to do like what I did for my Insurgent trailer review and below will be shot by shot my thoughts on the trailer!

So we open with a bunch of different clips and a of voiceover (Chancellor Paige?) talking about "the maze trials". If this is Chancellor Paige, who is she taking to? And will we see her in this movie? Then voiceover lady says "it's time to begin phase two" at which part the fangirl in me went crazy. Then some dude says "welcome to the Scorch!" With the wide shot of the Scorch in the background with all the sand everywhere and oh my gosh it looks epic! But I wanna know who the dude talking after voiceover lady is, is he rat man? But there's one part where he's talking about "stepping out this door, etc" and he's standing in front of a large metal door closing off what looks like a long hallway so I'm wondering if he's standing in front of the flat trans? Then they show a shot of the other group! And it zooms in on that one kid from the other group that I don't remember the name of... And then there's a montage of people talking about WICKED (yep they're still spelling that WCKD...) and talking about secrets and such. And then the gladers start breaking stuff and trying to leave and possibly rat dude is like "you won't last one day in that scorch" and I'm just laughing because, watch them! And cue beautiful wide shot of destroyed bridge covered in sand! Oh my gosh I love that! and cue more shots of them walking/struggling in the Scorch (again, these shots are beautiful!) And Teresa is with them in the Scorch for some reason... I don't know!  And... fights inside what looks like a mall? (Anyone else getting Last of Us vibes from this sequence?) A crank smashes through some glass attacking someone! Explosions and fighting! And... title screen! (With inception noise included)

Overall, at first I thought I just didn't remember much from the book but then I realized that this movie looks way different from the book (which I don't mind, as long as the changes are for the better). I also think the scale of the destruction in the Scorch looks incredible! That broken bridge and all the sand looks great! I'm really excited for this movie!

Have you seen the Scorch Trials trailer yet? What did you think of it?

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